Arch Linux kernel panic诊断

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Examine panic message

If a kernel panic occurs very early in the boot process, you may see a message on the console containing “Kernel panic – not syncing:”, but once Systemd is running, kernel messages will typically be captured and written to the system log. However, when a panic occurs, the diagnostic message output by the kernel is almost never written to the log file on disk because the machine deadlocks before  system-journald gets the chance. Therefore, the only way to examine the panic message is to view it on the console as it happens (without resorting to setting up a kdump crashkernel). You can do this by booting with the following kernel parameters and attempting to reproduce the panic on tty1:

Tip: In the event that the panic message scrolls away too quickly to examine, try passing the kernel parameter  pause_on_oops=<i>seconds</i> at boot.